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Etihad Airways is the United Arab Emirates' 2nd flag bearer. Its headquarters are in Abu Dhabi's Khalifa Town near Abu Dhabi Multinational Airport. Etihad Airways began operational processes in November 2003. After Emirates, it is the UAE's 2nd biggest airline. With a fleet of 102 Airbus and Boeing airplanes as of February 2020, the airline conducts around 1,000 flights every week to around 120 traveler and luggage locations in Middle Eastern Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, and Northern America.

Etihad's Etihad Holidays and Etihad Luggage about its core business of travelers transit Etihad Airways Partners, Etihad's airline alliance, was formed in October 2015 and abolished in 2018 after many of its associates ran into monetary problems. Etihad Airways has minority equity financing in the participating airlines and a stake in Virgin Australia, which is not legally classified as an Etihad Airways Partner until its bankruptcy in April 2020, when it receives no repayment on invested capital. Reserving these airlines is done through a single network.

Here's a list of all the Etihad Airways Flights

  • Chevron Forward Etihad Airways Flight to New York
  • Chevron Forward Etihad Airways Flight to Chicago
  • Chevron Forward Etihad Airways Flight to Toronto
  • Chevron Forward Etihad Airways Flight to Washington DC
  • Chevron Forward Etihad Airways Flight to Perth
  • Chevron Forward Etihad Airways Flight to Sydney
  • Chevron Forward Etihad Airways Flight to Vienna
  • Chevron Forward Etihad Airways Flight to Baku
  • Chevron Forward Etihad Airways Flight to Manama
  • Chevron Forward Etihad Airways Flight to Chittagong
  • Chevron Forward Etihad Airways Flight to Dhaka

Why Book Etihad Airways Flights tickets?

Etihad In-Flight Service

Here's a look at what the various rooms have to provide, how Etihad differs from other airlines, and why travelers must fly Etihad. The airline has four trip categories: economy, business, first, and residence - an Etihad trademark.

Etihad Airways Flights have a designation of their own. Booking Etihad tickets means that a passenger gets the maximum luxurious treatment which was unexperienced yet.

Etihad Airways Economy Class: Experience the Smart Seat's comfort-oriented layout that includes a headrest with armrest and expandable back support. The seat has excess legroom as well as a recliner. Etihad offers its passengers the choice of selecting their seat in Economy class. Travelers in Economy Standard can pay for their chosen seats. Those searching for excess legroom up to 36 inches can reserve Economy Space.

In contrast, those searching for quiet and privacy on the plane can reserve Economy Neighbour-Free, enabling you to reserve a seat without any co-passenger sitting beside you. The on-demand leisure tvs: 11-inch touchpad for Economy Smart Seat and 10.6-inch for Economy Seat will keep you amused. Wifi is also available on chosen models.

Etihad Airways Business Class: Etihad Business Studios on the A380 and 787 Dreamliner feature an exceptional dovetail layout that provides travelers with more private and storage capacity. The seat transforms to an entire flat bed of up to 6.8 inches in length and includes mood lighting and an in-seat massager. The seats also have separators to allow for more space and easily accessible to the aisle. This room also includes 'The Lobby,' where A380 Upper Deck travelers can relish a beer, hold a business meeting, or socialize with other visitors while viewing a match on the broad-screen TV. Meet the F&B management teams who will assist you in selecting the finest items from the airline's Business list and pairing them with beverages from Etihad's boutique wine cellar.

Etihad Airways First Class Suite: The First Suite seats expand to a 6.8-foot-long flatbed and include a different refreshment and clothing cabinet. The room has a remarkable curved aisle that gives its passengers more area. In the First Classroom, in-flight chefs prepare exclusive a la carte food customized based on the travelers' choices.

Travel with Luggage on Etihad Flights

Etihad Airways has created a very simple and straightforward baggage policy in terms of included allowance. Sometimes passengers remain confused about the limitations of luggage to be taken on flights while traveling to other destinations. Hence, it becomes crucial to know about the current rules of the luggage system.

If you have made an Etihad Airways booking and are worried to know about the baggage policy of the carrier, then it is important to go through the baggage policy of Etihad Airways. Here is what you need to learn about the policy.

Hand Baggage
  • The maximum dimensions of hand baggage allowed on an Etihad Airways flight cabin must be 56cm wide, 36cm high and 23cm deep.
  • The weight of the cabin bag must be around 7kg.
Guidelines of Etihad Airways Baggage Policy

Etihad Airways has determined several rules and regulations that need to be followed by checking in with bags. The regulations are in accordance with the TSA and FAA guidelines. By following this baggage size and weight limit, you can ensure a safe journey.

Here are some important guidelines related to the baggage policy of Etihad Airways that need to be taken care of before flying:

  • Chevron Forward Etihad Airways allows three types of baggage on its flights, which include checked luggage, carry-on items, and extra bags.
  • Chevron Forward Passengers may need to check their bags for the second time if their itinerary includes a connecting flight. This is because the luggage will not reach directly at the destination.
  • Chevron Forward The baggage allowance of an originally ticketed passenger will not be transferable to the other passenger under normal circumstances.
  • Chevron Forward Passengers will need to pay some baggage fee in case their luggage goes over the standard limit of weight and size allowance.
  • Chevron Forward There is a separate policy for pets.
  • Chevron Forward Special items such as sports equipment and musical instruments are allowed on Etihad flights.
  • Chevron Forward These baggage rules vary as per the routes and flight timing.

You can visit the official website of Etihad Airways to know more about the baggage policy guidelines. You can also connect with an Etihad staff executive to get assistance related to other matters too.

Etihad Airways Baggage Allowance

Carry-on luggage is also known as hand baggage, and it is the luggage you are permitted to bring with you inside the aircraft rather than shifting it to the goods chamber. You can quickly identify if your carry-on baggage is approved by Etihad Airways using this calculator. Enter the measurements of your carry-on luggage, its mass, and the title of your airline.

With the help of this calculator, you can quickly identify whether Etihad Airways approve your inspected backpack. Please specify the length, width, and weight of your inspected backpack to determine if Etihad Airways will approve it in the hold for free.

Etihad Airways Check-in Policy

  • Chevron Forward Etihad Airways' check-in cabinets access at least 3 hours before the planned exit time (four hours for flights from Abu Dhabi).
  • Chevron Forward Check-in shuts down 60 minutes before exit, except Diamond First Class and Pearl Business Class travelers in Abu Dhabi, who verify 45 minutes before exit.

Etihad Airways Manage Booking

Etihad Airways is a world-known airline company based in UAE. Being the second-largest air passenger carrier in the country, Etihad has a well-established image in terms of quality inflight services, suite-like cabins, best family vacation deals, outstanding hospitality, best customer care support, friendly airport staff and crew, and what not!

Trusted by millions of travelers worldwide, Etihad Airways flight booking is made easy and hassle-free. To manage Etihad Airways flights, you can follow these simple steps as given below:

  • Chevron Forward Open the official website of Etihad Airways or type on your device's web browser.
  • Chevron Forward Click on the 'Manage' tab appearing at the top of the home page.
  • Chevron Forward Click the 'Manage your Booking' option appearing in the drop-down menu under the 'Manage' tab and a new page will open.
  • Chevron Forward Enter the booking reference number and your last name.
  • Chevron Forward Select manage booking or View/Print itinerary depending upon your choice.
  • Chevron Forward Click on the 'Find my Booking' option and you can manage your Etihad Airways Flight reservations.

Etihad Airways FAQs

Ans. You can do online check-in for Etihad Airways flights by visiting its official website. Check-in online and print the boarding pass at your home to save time and money. Online check-in is available from 30 hours till 1 hour prior to the scheduled flight departure.

Ans. You can get cheap Etihad flight tickets through various channels/methods:

  • Chevron Forward Buying through OTAs can help you get great discount offers on several flights.
  • Chevron Forward Subscribe to Etihad's official newsletter to get frequent updates on the latest flight deals.
  • Chevron Forward Book flight tickets in advance to avoid hassle and more expense at the last minute.
  • Chevron Forward Booking flights at an odd hour can help you get a cheap flight ticket.
  • Chevron Forward Using incognito mode in the browser can help you save extra on airfares.

Ans. Etihad flies to over 100 destinations worldwide. Their A380s are available from Abu Dhabi, Los Angeles, London, Istanbul, Hanoi, Moscow, Lima, Cairo, Perth, Melbourne, Sydney, Mumbai, New York, and more.

Ans. To cancel a non-refundable Etihad Airways ticket, you will be required to pay between $200- $500 depending on the length of the flight, location, and the type of fare. The remaining fare will be returned to you as an e-Credit for future use on an Etihad Airways flight.

Ans. Yes, you will have 24 hours to cancel your Etihad Airways reservations from the time of their original booking without being charged an Etihad Airways cancellation fee, regardless of the fare selected.

Ans. Etihad Credit gives customers the flexibility to keep their tickets open and travel at any time that suits them.

Ans. There are several strategies that you can keep in mind to get a first-class upgrade in Etihad Airways:

  • Chevron Forward You can call customer care service where an Etihad representative will help you upgrade your travel fare into first-class.
  • Chevron Forward You can also get the upgrade by winning a bid amount where you will get an instant seat upgrade.
  • Chevron Forward By using your miles or frequent flyer program.

Ans. You can make group bookings through the Etihad Sales office or via a dedicated group system, access to which has been provided by the Etihad Airways reservations counter. Travel agencies cannot request group flight bookings in the GDS.

All passengers should be booked together on the same flight(s)/ departure dates at the time of their flight booking.

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