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Deutsche Lufthansa AG (German pronunciation: [dt lfthanza]), also known as Lufthansa, is the biggest German airline and, when mixed with its branches, the second-largest airline Europe in terms of travellers carried. The former flag carrier's title is obtained from the German word Luft, which means "air," and Hansa, which stands for the Hanseatic League. Lufthansa is among the five original partners of Star Alliance, the world's biggest airline alliance, founded in 1997. 'Say yes to the world,' says the firm's tagline.

Cologne is the registered workplace and corporate head offices of Lufthansa. The significant operations platform, known as the Lufthansa Aviation Center, is located at Lufthansa's central platform at Frankfurt Airport. In contrast, its secondary platform is located at Munich Airport, where a secondary Flight Operations Centre is managed.

Here's a list of all the Lufthansa Airlines Flights

  • Chevron Forward Lufthansa Airlines flight to Tirana
  • Chevron Forward Lufthansa Airlines flight to Luanda
  • Chevron Forward Lufthansa Airlines flight to Melbourne
  • Chevron Forward Lufthansa Airlines flight to Sydney
  • Chevron Forward Lufthansa Airlines flight to Graz
  • Chevron Forward Lufthansa Airlines flight to Linz
  • Chevron Forward Lufthansa Airlines flight to Baku
  • Chevron Forward Lufthansa Airlines flight to Innsbruck
  • Chevron Forward Lufthansa Airlines flight to Antigua
  • Chevron Forward Lufthansa Airlines flight to Nassau
  • Chevron Forward Lufthansa Airlines flight to Manama
  • Chevron Forward Lufthansa Airlines flight to Dhaka

Why Book Lufthansa Airlines Flights tickets?

Star Alliance, which was established in May 1997, is among the world's most significant airline alliances. The organization, located in Frankfurt am Main, Germany presently has 26 participant airlines that transport around 641 million travellers annually. Lufthansa enables passengers to obtain and redeem miles across all Star Alliance airlines. Lufthansa has a fleet of 265 aircraft serving 220 domestic and worldwide attractions. Lufthansa's main centre is Frankfurt Airport, with Munich Airport serving as a secondary centre.

In-flight Services

For its visitors, Lufthansa has handpicked the finest films from around the world. Visitors can also listen to the 200 audio selections that are constantly being added. Visitors on long-haul flights can watch live TV channels, including Sports 24, CNN, and Euronews; this system is accessible in all classes. Guests can access the menu onboard or reserve food throughout their booking. Using an advanced shopping range, visitors can have their orders delivered straight to their flight. In addition to news websites and magazines, Lufthansa offers visitors the choice of installing eJournals. FlyNet allows you to keep attached to the internet on all long- haul airplane.

Onboard Support

Lufthansa accommodates travellers with specific requirements. On-site personnel offer wheelchairs and airport assistance throughout check-in. Travellers can select the service which better meets their needs.

Refund and Cancellation

Travellers can cancel their reservation through Nesma Airlines' sales departments or the company's website. There is a cancellation fee for all cancellations.

Travel with Comfort on Lufthansa Flights

Lufthansa ensures world-class travel to its passengers who want comfort and a smart flight experience. Whether it's Economy, Premium Economy, Business or First Class – Lufthansa Airlines provide the perfect service for whatever reason you are travelling. Here is what you need to know about travel classes on Lufthansa Airlines:

Economy Class

Whether it's short flight or a long route flight, passengers get comfortable seats in Economy Class of Lufthansa Airlines.

  • Chevron Forward Plenty of seat space with backrests on both short and medium-haul flights so that you can stretch your legs out comfortably while flying in Economy Class.
  • Chevron Forward On-board entertainment on long-haul flights with a wide selection of latest movies, international radio stations and famous TV programs.
  • Chevron Forward Delectable food menu that suits your departure time and destination, featuring a good selection of drinks and meals.
Premium Economy Class

For travelers want to fly on Premium Economy Class get more space, more free baggage and more service to let you enjoy a relaxed flight to your destination.

  • Chevron Forward Spacious, comfortable seat with up to 50% more room on every sides.
  • Chevron Forward A comprehensive inflight entertainment programme on 11- or 12-inch monitors.
  • Chevron Forward Service with a non-alcoholic welcome drink and a bottle of water at your seat. Choose from the food menu and enjoy your meal.
  • Chevron Forward Benefit to check-in two free baggage weighing up to 23 kg each - twice as much in Economy Class.
Business Class

Want to feel more relaxed? Then, make a Business Class Lufthansa flight booking that gives you first-rate comfort and more privacy. Travelers also get lounge access and priority boarding at the airport, additional free baggage and exclusive inflight meals onboard a Lufthansa flight.

  • Chevron Forward Exclusive comfort and privacy of Lufthansa Business Class right from your short or medium- haul flight and long-haul flights.
  • Chevron Forward A wide selection of lounges at all major international airports to relax, freshen up and, quite simply to feel good.
  • Chevron Forward Added benefits of Premium Economy Class of Lufthansa Airlines.
First Class

Add some more details to your Lufthansa flight booking and turn your flight experience into something really special. Get greeting by a personal assistant at your destination airport, delectable highlights while you're flying or the personal space onboard and cherish moments that linger in the memory.

  • Chevron Forward Valet parking service
  • Chevron Forward Personal assistant for your personal service
  • Chevron Forward First Class Lounges to keep you protected from the hustle and bustle of the airport
  • Chevron Forward Limousine service to lead you straight to the aircraft
  • Chevron Forward Comfort onboard First Class to offer a treat for your senses
  • Chevron Forward Plenty of tasty moments with special highlights in the world of first-class travel
  • Chevron Forward A unique immersive entertainment facility a comprehensive selection of entertainment content.

Lufthansa Airlines Baggage Allowances

Please pack as little carry-on luggage as feasible. Please keep in mind when trying to fill which you must heed the warnings about hazardous materials in checked bags. Lufthansa Airlines calculator can calculate your free hand luggage allowance relying on the pathway, transit class, and ticket prices in just a few steps.

Learn about Lufthansa's existing free luggage policy. The freehand luggage allowance is determined by the transit class and ticket prices you have purchased. Whether it's the number of elements, the weight, or the safety verifies your carry-on hand luggage must pass through, Lufthansa will tell you all that you need to understand about it here.

Carry-on Baggage

Business and First class passengers are allowed to bring two carry-ons with them on board a Lufthansa flight, while Premium Economy and Economy class passengers can bring only one piece of carry-on. For more details, you can call the Lufthansa flight booking helpdesk to know about the carry-on baggage.

  • Chevron Forward Maximum weight allowed is 18lb or 8kg
  • Chevron Forward Maximum dimensions of a carry-on must be 22 x 16 x 9 inches (55 x 40 x 23 cm)
Checked Baggage

The following regulations apply to free baggage allowance on all intercontinental flights. However, if you are traveling on an "Economy Light" flight, you will have to pay for checked baggage. Check the following prices of the checked baggage on Lufthansa flights.

  • Chevron Forward First Class cabin allows three bags of 70lb or 32kg each
  • Chevron Forward Business Class cabin allows two bags of 70lb or 32kg each
  • Chevron Forward Premium Economy Class cabin allows two bags of 50lb or 23kg each
  • Chevron Forward Economy Class cabin allows one bag of 50lb or 23kg

Make Lufthansa flight reservations now and carry your luggage without any trouble.

Why Choose Lufthansa Airlines Flights for Traveling?

Lufthansa Airlines is a world-class air passenger carrier trusted by millions of passengers. It gives innumerable benefits as a travel partner, such as:

  • Chevron Forward Lufthansa Airlines facilitates its passengers with plenty of phenomenal deals at discounted rates. Every time you book a flight with Lufthansa, you get amazing flight deals and family vacation offers.
  • Chevron Forward Lufthansa is a very reliable partner for travel booking as it offers transparency, a user-friendly approach, and efficient customer service to its passengers.
  • Chevron Forward The Lufthansa Airlines customer service is available round the clock.
  • Chevron Forward It gives plenty of amazing onboard flight services to the customers.
Flight Booking By Calling Lufthansa Customer Service

Are you facing trouble while making online Lufthansa flight bookings? If yes, then why not call Lufthansa's customer care executives to book flight tickets hassle-free? The airline's reservations helpdesk representatives are readily available to help you out. Connect with them at any instant of time and get immediate help for all travel-related issues and queries.

Retrieval of Lufthansa Booking Code

If you have lost your Lufthansa booking code, you can easily find it in the confirmation mail that you received after the confirmation of your Lufthansa flight ticket. Use this code to get access to your entire flight booking and other facilities. You can also dial the Lufthansa reservation helpdesk number at +1-860-590-8822 and ask for any queries with the airline agent about the same. The Lufthansa Airlines executives are available any time of the day and night for your help.

Lufthansa check-in policy

Lufthansa Airlines is one of the largest aviation giants in the world with top-class facilities and onboard flight services. Checking in with Lufthansa is a much easy and hassle-free process. Customers can complete their check-in through various channels such as online, mobile app, automated check-in, as well as late-night check-in and get their flight boarding pass.

With Lufthansa's Web Check-in, you can verify up to 23 hours before your plane. You can select your seat, photocopy your boarding pass for simplicity, or have it sent to your smartphone for yourself or any other travellers ages two and aged, at houses, at the office, or en route, during online check-in.

Online/Web Check-in

Passengers can complete online check-in through to get their flight boarding pass. Enter the Booking Code or Ticket Number, First Name, and Last Name in the space provided under the dropdown "Check-in" option. They can check-in 24 hours prior to the scheduled flight departure, choose their desirable seat, request special service, and receive their flight boarding pass on their registered email address provided at the time of booking.

Mobile App Check-in

This is also an online method to check-in for a flight and receives the boarding pass on the registered email ID. Customers need to download Lufthansa Airlines mobile application on their device (smartphone or tablet) and make check-in requests easily. They can reserve the seat, request special service, add pets, check-in easily, and get the boarding pass right on their device.

Late-Night Check-in

It is a specially created check-in service for group travelers. Late-night check-in is appreciated by tour groups and travelers with small children or a lot of baggage. The check-in starts the evening before the flight but no earlier than 23 hours prior to the flight departure. Passengers can check-in their baggage at a check-in counter or at a bag drop-off counter, choose their desirable seat, take their boarding pass, and then proceed directly to the flight at the departure gate the next day.

Automated Check-in

Lufthansa Airlines helps to save passenger's valuable time and let them enjoy more relaxed travel. It has introduced an automated check-in facility where passengers can receive their boarding pass easily by text or email directly to their mobile phone 23 hours before the flight departure.

Automated check-in requires a Lufthansa iD profile or a Miles & More profile, where they will already check in on flights in the Schengen Area, and for flights booked up to 24 hours before departure, they'll automatically receive their boarding pass 23 hours before departure on the registered email address or mobile phone number entered in their profile.

If they are not a Lufthansa iD profile user or Miles & More member, they can also register for automated check-in via the link in their booking confirmation; but the service will only apply to the current booked and confirmed Lufthansa Airlines flight booking.

Manage Booking with Lufthansa Airlines

Booked a Lufthansa flight and want to make changes to the existing itinerary? If yes, then hop on to the Lufthansa Airlines Manage Booking facility that gives passengers a chance to manage their flight bookings hassle-free through the official site. They can make necessary amendments to their original flight reservations and get amazing flight experiences. They can request additional services, get their booking details, add seats, purchase more bags, change, rebook, or cancel their flight through this service. Flight cancellations can be done through the Manage my Booking Lufthansa Airlines service.

Manage Booking facility is the easy and convenient way to change the entire flight reservation. Passengers can use this service to

  • Chevron Forward Change passenger(s) name
  • Chevron Forward Change flight date and time
  • Chevron Forward Request a refund in case of flight delay or cancellation
  • Chevron Forward Request additional services such as meals, etc.
  • Chevron Forward Request special assistance to pregnant, injured, or physically disabled
  • Chevron Forward Online check-in
  • Chevron Forward Print boarding pass
  • Chevron Forward Check flight schedule and details
  • Chevron Forward Request seat upgrades
  • Chevron Forward Get extra luggage allowance

How to Manage Booking with Lufthansa Airlines Online?

Lufthansa Airlines manage booking service ensures a quality flight experience with the inclusion of additional perks. It is one of those features which passengers can use to make last-minute changes to their reservations. Passengers can alter their itinerary easily through this facility, but some services include additional charges.

They can manage their Lufthansa Airlines flight booking through the "Book & Manage" option on the official site.

  1. Open on the device web browser.
  2. Click on the 'Menu' option on the top right corner of the homepage.
  3. Click on the 'view & amend flight details' option under the 'Book & Manage" on the menu.
  4. Enter the passenger's first name, last name, and the booking code on the next page.
  5. Click on the 'Login' button to retrieve itinerary details.
  6. Make relevant changes according to the requirement.
  7. Passengers can also make changes to their flight destination origin or the date.
  8. Passengers can ask for refunds after flight cancellation through Lufthansa Airlines manage My Trip service.
  9. To make seat upgrades, they need to pay the fare difference between the initial Lufthansa flight ticket and the new flight ticket.
  10. After making the relevant changes and paying the fare difference amount, passengers will receive a confirmation message with an updated eTicket to the registered email ID.

In case of any assistance or issue regarding Lufthansa Airlines flight booking or alteration of travel arrangements, passengers can reach out to the airline's customer care service at any time.

Traveling with Animals on Lufthansa Airlines Flights

If you are thinking to take your service animal on board a Lufthansa flight or wishing to fly with your furry pet fuiend, Lufthansa allows pets in their cabins on a number of flights. It allows each passenger to bring 2 pet animals on board. Passengers must call the Lufthansa Airlines Reservations Team at (800) 645-3880 and tell them that you are traveling with your pet.

Animals as additional carry-on baggage in the cabin

As Lufthansa takes a check on its passengers' safety and convenience, it keeps a full watch on animal safety too. According to the current animal welfare provisions, import and export regulations and the regulations of the International Air Transport Association (IATA), Lufthansa ensures that your pet arrives safe and sound at your destination.

General Requirements for an Animal to fly onboard Lufthansa
  • Chevron Forward To ensure a safe and undisturbed operation of the fuight, Lufthansa allows trained and well- weaned animals. They must be trained to commands and must behave appropriately in a public space.
  • Chevron Forward They mustn't be barking, growling, or jumping up at people or other animals on board the flight.
  • Chevron Forward Animal carriers must not exceed the dimensions 22" x 16" x 9" for small cats and dogs and larger carriers can be up to 49" x 29" x 33."
  • Chevron Forward Your dog must fit in the foot space under your seat and must be attached to the animal belt which Lufthansa will provide.
  • Chevron Forward The animal should be properly vaccinated beforehand of your travel.

Lufthansa Airlines FAQs

Ans. Yes, Lufthansa flight tickets are refundable. You can cancel your Lufthansa airlines reservation online and get a refund up to 24 hours before the departure of your flight. For flights that were not purchased directly via can be canceled online, but to get the refund, you have to contact the travel agency through which the ticket was issued.

Ans. You can check-in for your flights through the Lufthansa Airlines official website or via the Lufthansa app. You can check-in from 26 hours before departure and take a printout of the boarding pass sent to your mobile phone.

Ans. Passengers can book Lufthansa flight tickets via YILU and CENTOGENE. Payments via YILU will only accept credit cards and payment via CENTOGENE will accept PayPal, credit cards, or Maestro cards.

Ans. You have two options to check-in for Lufthansa airlines flights viz., online/mobile check-in and at the airport.

Ans. Yes, Lufthansa allows its customers to make changes to their flights. To access booked flights, use your booking code. Whether you want to rebook or cancel a flight, make an advance seat reservation or book a Rail&Fly ticket at any time, you can do that without any hassles.

Ans. Lufthansa airlines recommend making an early reservation for the addition of extra baggage via your preferred travel agency, through the Lufthansa service center, or just simply visiting the "My Bookings" session.

Ans. To book a First Class cabin, you need to visit its Lufthansa Airlines official website.

  • From the drop-down of the 'Menu' on the top right corner.
  • Click on 'Worldwide Flights' under Book and Manage.
  • On the Extended Search page, fill in your details to book a First Class seat.

Ans. You can cancel a booking by logging in with your credentials on the homepage of Lufthansa airlines official website. Fill in the required details to access your flight bookings and click on Cancel to cancel it.

Upon successful cancelation of the flight, you will receive a confirmation email.

Flights that were not purchased via the official Lufthansa website or directly from a Lufthansa office can be canceled online, but for the refund of the ticket price, you must need to contact the travel agency that issued the ticket.

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